Sunday, 16 June 2013

Top Google Android Apps from the Few days

As you know that the Android Apps are best in the world.Android is launching their new apps day by day.So following are some of best Android Apps that you ever heard about it.These apps are of absolutely free of cost.
 CPU-Z Beta (Free)

If you want to identify the full specifications of an individual gadgets then this app is best for you.This app actually gives the details any smartphone or device processor chip,battery and detectors.Although this application doesn’t conduct considerably when compared with offering extensive specifications, every one of us trust much more performance which include Benchmarking within the long term variants.

 Floating Notifications (Free)

While the actual Zynga House might possibly not have excellent testimonials, it's reasoning behind chatheads regarding announcements got the spontaneous strategy for being able to view announcements immediately without having also leaving behind the position staying performed for the device. As the brand recommends, Suspended Notices carry that chance to existing announcements coming from almost any app(s) over almost any application there's a chance you're utilizing.

Google Cloud Print(free)

Google officially releases the Google Cloud Print app which lets you to print anything from anywhere using Chrome with your own computer and printer. With the help of this app,Android users can easily print from their Android device to any Google Cloud Print connected printer.Not only print, you can also share a picture or document from apps like Gallery directly to Cloud Print and can also Track the status of your print jobs.



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