Sunday, 26 May 2013

Powerocks Tarot 1500mAh Portable Charger

In Today's world mobile phones are used by everyone.As long as mobiles are used it needs charger for charging a mobile.Some mobiles have longer chargers which are no portable .That's why we need chargers that are not only small in size but portable also.Then we should look at one of Powerocks smaller portable charger. We have already checked out their 9000 mAh and 2800 mAh portable chargers and have been pretty impressed with them.The Tarot portable chargers are very much different from others as we have experienced in last few weeks. It is only a 1500mAh battery.These chargers are similar to others in respect of LED light indicator which is used to show that how much juice is left along with a USB and microUSB port on the site.This charger is available in Silver Colour and looks nice. Powerocks batteries come with a small white pouch to keep the battery in.Due to its white colour it accepts dust like magnet. You’ll want to pick up their 9000mAh or even the 12000mAh battery that Powerocks has available.It works just like it should, it’s just that it’s much smaller than most batteries that are built into flagship devices nowadays. So if you need something small, that can help make your phone last through the rest of the day, it’ll be a good choice. But I’d still recommend getting one of their bigger portable batteries. You can grab the Tarot from Powerocks website for about $35 right now. And check out their website for many other battery solutions.


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